2 UFOs over my house in Eagle Rock, California pt 1

Two orbs flying in the sky in Eagle Rock over my house. I was walking my Dog and about a mile away when I looked up into the sky and at first I thought I saw a balloon, and it disappeared, a few seconds later it would reappear. One shot out like a shooting star, but stopped and 2nd UFO you see, is more solid shape like a cigar traveling in one direction at a very fast speed flying behind the power lines, from my angle it would be heading west/south towards the ocean, the UFO almost looks like it stops and then moves into the clouds and as you can see, it is covered and the brightness of the UFO diminishes as it enters the clouds, which gives it a morph look to it, which might not be the actual shape of the object. When I say morph, the shape changes are caused by the clouds, not the UFO changing shape on its own, but now recently learned that this morphing look could be a result from just zooming into the object with video editing software. But I can say, I'm not sure if the UFO had lights on the it, but rather a reflection of the sun on a metallic those clouds were near my house, there is rarely any conventional craft flying in eagle rock, there are no flight patterns near us for aircraft to line up for would of easily seen or been able to make out what type a craft it is, I can see the building of downtown, I can also see the jet planes fly in from a distance of 20 miles away, on a flight pattern to land which would be East to West and then past the building in the background of downtown. Even if they are at an altitude of 35,000 feet, I would still be able to see the wings. The craft in my video if it was a conventional craft I would have easily been able to tell what kind of craft it was, and see the tail assembly and for it to be that close, it would have made a loud noise from the speed it was traveling. It didn't go into the clouds in Santa Monica, it went into the cloud in eagle rock, that were pretty close to the ground level near my house, that can help judge the distance. The sighting happened June - July 2011, it was only until May 2014 when I use and editing software to enhance the footage to bring out the shape, because it was hard to see on camera compared to the naked eye, is when I saw the UFO much don't know if what I saw were earthquake lights, orbs from a mother ship, a google probe, or a new test Government Probe craft. I'm looking to get this analyze by any professional that is willing, before speculation to this sighting. But I can tell you without a doubt that what I saw was not a lens flare or a balloon, and if need be, will submit this footage and myself to any test if it helps prove that UFOs are real to night one orb caught on security camera, hovering at my door, and I remained there for a while until it was Info:PowerShot A1000 IS Compact digital still camera with built-in flash, 4x Optical/4x Digital/16x CombinedZoom with Optical Image Stabilizer Megapixel, 1 type Charge Coupled Device (CCD)Total Pixels Approx. MegapixelsEffective Pixels Approx. MegapixelsLens Focal Length (35mm film equivalent: 35-140mm)Digital Zoom 4xFocusing Range Normal: : (W), ft/30-50cm (T)Autofocus System TTL Autofocus, Manual focus (shooting standby only in movie mode)Aperture and Shutter Maximum Aperture (W) - (T)Shutter Speed 15-1/1600 sec.; Long Shutter operates with noise reduction when manually set of Recordable Movies Movie data 640 x 480 30 fps Closer look Part 2, with Enhanced Filters, ORB at the door, more footage: Raw File Investigation for UFO researchers Eagle Rock June 27th 2011No edits, music, or

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