Andromeda spaceship real footage - by Captain Bill

  • Uploaded by Grey on May 10, 2014
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Hi friends, I found this video showing a capture of an UFO by an observer, and as a curiosity I can demonstrate that this is a real ship. I have pictures of that "spaceship of Service" recorded in 1968 in the interior of Brazil. These two pictures will serve to demonstrate the point in common with the footage taken. As you can see in these old photos, the spacecraft has 11 "windows" visible laterally. According to our reports, this class of ship is produced in Andromeda, on the planet Sitka, belonging to the civilization of Mantuk and traded with numerous other races using them as the spacecraft of Service. As you can see, removing the lights and copying the video they are also eleven in number, and fit perfectly into the profile of these two photos simply adjusting the ratio. This art can portray as possibly should be inside a spaceship of Service equal to this. One day maybe we can all have this experience. Cheers! CB

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