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'Schools in Southwest US on Human Sacrificial Ley Lines' [OperationTerror] Schools in California, Arizona and Colorado that are on ley lines that are used for human sacrifice are identified.
Chapultepec Castle (Los Niños) Marker 19°25'16.09"N 99°10'46.24"W
Church of Satan 37°47'2.80"N 122°29'0.50"W
Columbine HS 39°36'12.23"N 105° 4'28.56"W
Cuicuilco 19°18'5.96"N 99°10'53.91"W
Desert Mesa Elementary 32°41'9.19"N 114°30'22.37"W
Kiss Nightclub 29°41'3.59"S 53°48'24.99"W
Lincoln Elementary 37°32'7.86"N 122° 3'9.43"W
Sandy Hook 41°25'10.71"N 73°16'42.65"W
Southwestern Christian 32°40'5.91"N 114°31'37.55"W
Stonehenge 51°10'43.98"N 1°49'34.38"W
Thurgood Marshall HS 37°44'11.91"N 122°24'5.31"W

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