Overlords of the UFO - 1976

This documentary puts forth the theory that UFOs are actually beings from another dimension, and reviews past incidents of UFO sightings in support of that theory.

It seemed like the 1970s was a prime decade for those low-budget documentaries. One of them was Mysteries From Beyond Earth (1976) hosted by Lawrence Dobkin. Another was Overlords of the UFO, also from 1976, hosted by W. Gordon Allen. This film was made in Seattle, so it should not come as any surprise that some of the subjects being covered should be around the Seattle area (like Vashon Island, Renton, or Uri Gellar at a Seattle radio station called KVI). Of course they cover the rest of the country and world as well. Apparently Overlords of the UFO was originally aired in drive-ins, you can be pretty certain you wouldn't be finding a whole lot of teenagers bringing their dates to see this film when it came out. Or anyone else, for that matter. But it's just unbelievable. Here, W. Gordon Allen drones on and on about different subjects from UFO sightings, alien abductions, cattle mutilations (which I thought was a '90s phenomenon, until I first saw this), alien contacts from the Prophet Joseph Smith (founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), and the most silly of all, aliens from Ummo coming to Earth. The picture quaility isn't recommended for the DVD crowd (and besides it's only available on VHS). Very grainy, in that wonderful '70s sense. Looks like it was filmed off someone's home movie camera (that is, before camcorders ever existed) and viewed on a movie projector like what schools used to use. That means you'll find lots of nice streaking vertical lines, as well as the usual video defect you come to expect from such film (like the occasional black splotches). The documentary also included lots of stock footage from NASA, the United States military, and alleged filming of a UFO off someone's home movie

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