Anonymous - Illuminati Reptilian Agenda: Manipulation, Depopulation, and Global Enslavement

  • Uploaded by DualGamma on May 13, 2014
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They poison our air and environment with chemtrails, which has more than just the purpose of spreading harmful chemicals in our atmosphere to poison us. The government has been doing this for decades; before, they would deny the existance of chemtrails, now they have try to come up with an excuse for doing so because too many people are aware of this fact. They also feed us poison, 90% of the food Americans buy are GMOs, or genetically modified organisms; under the Trans Pacific Partnership, it would be illegal for countries to ban GMOs, and Monsanto, the corporation specializing in chemicals behind GMOs, could sue a nation for doing so. In America, mothers in need who seek help from a nutrition and supplement program known as wick, or Women, Infant, and Children, only have access to GMO products, which is extremely harmful to her child. The microwave most Americans own will even cause ill health and possibly cancer. The foods meant to be microwaved, which are prepared by the corporations you buy them from, are terrible for your health. Our water supply, even bottled water, is filled with hormones and sodium fluoride, a poison, which is purposefully dumped in our water supply by corporations who do not dispose of it properly. We are lied to and told sodium fluoride is beneficial to our teeth, this is far from the truth, it is a poison that has no business being ingested by a human being. Humans are also depopulated with genetically engineered diseases, one example being the AIDs virus, which are created by the C I A. Even the ingredients in vaccinations that are supposed to benefit our health do nothing but the opposite of what we are told they are intended to do; we are told survival rates are higher than they were before they were introduced, this is true, but death rates have dropped before the vaccinations were even introduced, they are a scientific fraud which cause illness and death.

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