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The constant smile smile on physicists Michio Kaku's face gives me the creeps!Clinton 2005 .."you'll have all kinds of problems with them" what?????The World Should Prepare For Close Encounters with visitors from another world. This comes after the realization that there are more than a Billion Earths out in we being prepared to accept a close encounter with a brute alien race, or is this the next logical step in the "State Sponsored Fear Campaign". Are we all out of make believe bad guys here on Earth that we as Mr. Regan said long ago, "need an alien threat to unite the world under one government"? Is this one of the last dominoes along the line of false terror to be exploited by the world's elite? Only time will tell, but it sure seems that they are getting us ready to play that by BadWolfDivinci 2011.

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