Cold War 2 Has Begun - Are We Heading for WW3 ?

Cold War 2 Has Begun: The US and NATO are Deliberately Provoking Russia, Hoping for WW3 - The plan of the ruling is a prized target, for two strategic reasons: 1) It is one of Russia's neighboring countries;2) Russia's gas pipe to Europe traverses UkraineRussia's Gazprom is responsible for delivering 1/3 of Europe's gas and has exported an estimated $67 billion worth of gas in 2013, which makes it one of the most profitable companies on US hoped to absorb the second largest former Soviet Republic into NATO and even invested a whooping $5 billion of your money in this dirty understand what's really happening in Ukraine, one must follow the money or, in this case, the gas by Alexander Light, the entire article here:

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