Report: 'GCHQ covertly photographs, records computer users' [PressTV]

The world has come to know about the extent of spying by the US and British intelligence. But new revelations outline a FAR MORE INTRUSIVE method being used to snoop on people's private lives.

The British spy agency, GCHQ, has developed a malware which remotely hijacks computers' cameras and microphones and targets mobile phones. It then steals any stored content, logging of keystrokes and covertly photographs and records the user and those around him. Details of the program have been published by the British daily The Guardian and renowned journalist Glenn Greenwald. A legal challenge has been lodged at a secret court, which probes complaints about British spy agencies MI5 and MI6 as well as GCHQ. According to Privacy International, which has lodged the lawsuit, arbitrary powers such as these are the purview of dictatorships, not democracies.

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