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A fleet of UFOs captured crossing in front on the Moon on live cam

2 minute mark for objects from article which has ufologists stumped ©2014 DSW74 Global Skywatch Network All Rights Reserved: On April 21st 2014 A fleet of UFOs was captured crossing in front on the Moon on a live cam Scott Waring, author of UFO Sightings Daily says "This is an intriguing video and it has a chat area attached to a live cam. This cam catches everything that passes between it and the moon, from birds, planes, all the way to fleets of UFOs." Look at the enlargement below. The 9 minute release of this video went viral, everyone was talking about the ufo fleet on the ufo networks, well here is the amazing 3 hour broadcast with zooms and crops Waring says, "These UFOs are moving faster than any bird, balloon or plane. Even a jet couldn't catch up with those UFOs. No wings, no tails, no flapping, nothing but long dark objects. This cam looks like a very useful tool for those who want to catch a UFO, but have your screen recorder going or you may miss them." ©2014 DSW74 Global Skywatch Network All Rights Reserved Recorded April 21st 2014 DarkSkyWatcher74 - Captured Live on Ustream at

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