How to Lucid Dream. The science & importance of it. PINEAL GLAND FACTS BELOW -Turn Volume Up

How to Lucid dream is really quite easy if you follow the steps in this video. Darius Thomas Rebeca Turner I am having success and the more I try the better I become at lucid dreaming. Stick with it and you too will have success. Please share this video with your friends and subscribe to my channel. Below are some interesting facts about the pineal gland PINEAL GLAND FACTS: - The pineal gland is about the size of a pea - Produces serotonin hormone which is considered the "happy hormone" the more you have the happier you will be - Produces melatonin hormone which is considered the "hormone of darkness" great for deep revitalizing sleep - Produces DMT (dimethyltryptamine) which is known for spiritual experiences, not necessarily of this world - The synthesizing of DMT causes neurons to fire - During meditation, the pineal and pituitary glands have been shown to vibrate in unison - Pineal gland got its name because it resembles a pine cone - Vatican City has a large statue in the shape of a pine cone in the Courtyard of the Pine Cone, maybe 15 feet tall - Pineal has the second highest blood flow in the body next to the kidneys - Most fluoride in the body accumulates in the pineal and this is one reason for its calcification - On the back of the US one-dollar bill is an image of a "third eye" - It's outside of the blood-brain-barrier which technically makes it not in the brain - Has a lens, cornea, and retina like your physical eyes. - Bioluminescent, so it is stimulated and activated by light - ELF waves (extremely low frequency) adversely affects the pineal gland - Unplugging all electronic devices (ELF devices) while you are asleep will help increase dream recall, lucidity, intuition, telepathic abilities, astral projection & things yet to be discovered - Herbs like mugwort, wood betony, alfalfa, parsley, and gotu kola are great for the pineal - Alkaline and distilled water help decalcify the pineal How to Lucid dream is really quite easy if you follow the steps in this video. please share your experience below! Stay with it you too will know how to lucid dream! good luck

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