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NASA Reveals◄ Mysterious New Square Hole In The Sun★★★

What is going on with our Sun?
The hole appears as a black abyss in the center of the sun as it rotates.
It's massive, and appears to flicker and spark as it rotates past the camera.
Eerily it almost looks as if you can see right THROUGH the sun.
This video shows the hole as it appeared between the dates of May 5th through May 7th. It appears to be much bigger than the triangle that has appeared on the sun previously.

NASA states that the strange flickering visible within the hole
is caused by giant strands of plasma.
They also state that this is a coronal hole. "An area where high
speed solar wind streams into space, and that because it is positioned so far south on the sun it is less likely that the solar wind stream will impact us here on Earth."

Various Ufo's have been seen and reported to be by the sun. Some claim our sun could be a portal or stargate allowing travel between dimensions. Could they have something to do with this phenomena?

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