FBI's Most Wanted: 'Chinese Military Espionage The Tip of The Iceberg' [ChinaForbiddenNews]

The U.S. government accusations towards the 5 Chinese
military hackers attracted international attention.

On May 20, the New York Times said it is
just the very tip of the iceberg.

The report quoted from U.S. officials that as well as Unit
61398, the National Security Agency and its intelligence
partners are currently tracking more than 20 Chinese hacking
groups, over half of them Chinese military and naval units.

The hacking unites are breaking into an array of American
government agencies and companies.

These range from drone and nuclear weapon parts makers to
technology, retail, energy firms and nonprofit research firms.
Officials say that they believe these groups work at the
orders of the Ministry of China State Security.

It seems people care to know what action the U.S. will take
on members of the hacker group and if they will do it.

U.S. Media: Chinese Military Cross The Line.

According to the VOA report, the U.S.Justice Department and
the FBI are jointly suing the Chinese military hackers because
they crossed a line which is intolerable to the U.S..

Analysis reports said the spying between military and the
intelligence units is quite normal for all countries.
But, the Chinese military hackers targeted U.S. civilian firms
private business, etc., which can hurt the innocent.

The report said the distinctive line between the government
military and the private sector must be kept for the U.S..
The Chinese Communist Party crossed the line because it is
a single Party state with indistinctive officials and people.

Tiananmen Mothers Are Being Monitored.
The June 4th Memorial is Hindered.

Just before the 25th anniversary of June 4th, the Tiananmen
Massacre victims' family organization, Tiananmen Mothers
are receiving more stringent monitoring than usual and they
even could not publish their annual open letter.

On May 20, Radio Free Asia quoted Tiananmen Mothers
member You Weijie who does front line work and was
warned not to do media interviews.
The memorial activity can't be processed this year due to the
authorities monitoring all associated people.
You Weijie is angry for being prohibited from promoting the
June 4 memorial ceremony.


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