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Pot Calling the Kettle Black: 'US accuses China of cyber-spying' [Caleb Maupin @ PressTV'

At the noon briefing, Spokesperson for the Secretary-General Stephan Dujjarac, updated the press about Ban Ki Moon's visit to China for an important gathering of world leaders.
As UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is Shanghai, Eric Holder of the US Department of Justice has announced that he is filing criminal charges against a number of Chinese elected officials. Holder has charged five Shanghai based leaders of China's Peoples Liberation Army with "cyber-spying", alleging that they engaged in industrial espionage against US nuclear, metal, and solar companies in Western Pennsylvania. Chinese Spokesman Jiang Jun pointed out that the US spies on China all the time, not just hacking into the networks of the government, but also corporations and the mobile phones of private citizens. Bill Dores, a political analyst with the International Action Center, says the charges against China are very hypocritical. Dores says that US hostility to China is based on a struggle for control of markets. The Chinese government has loudly protested the charges, and said the relations between the United States and China have been seriously harmed.

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