UFO Alien Encounters - Extraterrestrials Or Nephilim?

War of the Worlds - God Vs Aliens Why is it these alien encounters are always seemingly harmful and abusive in nature? Why also do they seem to have some sort of off pseudo-biblical viewpoint, and seem also to be against the God of Christianity? Could it be these beings are merely nephilim? Their origins being from the mating of humans and fallen angels of Genesis 6, the Book of Enoch, the Book of Jasher and the Book of Jubilees? I have seen certain nephilim skulls which seem to be eerily similar to the head shape of these alien Aliens and Fallen Angels - The Nephilim: Could it be the smart ones (rather than the giant brute ones) survived using extremely advanced technology? What about the Mona Lisa from Apollo 20? A complete hoax? Was there advanced technology in the distant past? Genetic hybrids, manipulation of the human genome that lead to the catastrophic worldwide flood?

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