NASA ◄ Jupiter's Giant Red Spot Is Shrinking ★★★

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Jupiters Giant Red Spot which is a storm larger than earth is shrinking. In the 1800s The Great Red Spot was estimated to be about 25,000 miles in diameter wide enough for three Earths to fit side by side. In 1979 and 1980 When NASA Voyager probes went by it was 14,500 miles across. Hubble space telescope images now show Jupiter's red spot is smaller than it has ever been, measuring just under 10,250 miles across. The spot is shrinking by about 621 miles a year and scientists aren't sure why. The spots shape has also changed from an oval to a circle. Will it disappear completely someday? We live in a constantly changing environment that we are ever seeking to understand. Perhaps one day we will find the answers. In the meantime we continue to explore search and discover.

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