The Nephilim are ALIENS - They walk amoung us (Documentary)

  • Uploaded by Beforealt on May 23, 2014
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What is happening, really happening. This video exposes a shocking reality. This world is just a huge conspiracy. This video traces the wicked plot and will make you angry, sad, and absolutely terrified. If you do not experience a turning point in your way of life and thinking after watching this, then, you probably already knew, or you do not care, and this video is not for you. If however this is the first time you have begun to grasp the situation, I ask you to do something. Please tell others!! We have to do something NOW. Our civilization is almost lost. I ask you to do something else. Please pray and help everyone you know to find the truth and teach love and truth to your nieghbor. Let us, if by no other way, then by example, and love, change the world we live in. At the very least, begin now, to teach your children to become awak!! Thank you for reading this and watching this video!

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