Ancient Underground City in Turkey 300 feet deep, Reptilians

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Underground City is an ancient multi-level underground city in the Derinkuyu district in Nevehir Province, Turkey. It is on the road between Nevehir and Nide, at a distance of 29 km from Nevehir. With its thirteen floors extending to a depth of approximately 85 m, it was large enough to shelter 30,000 thousands people together with their livestock and food stores. It is the largest excavated underground city in Turkey and is part of a network of several underground complexes found across Cappadocia. man made tunnels - underground civilizations (full documentary episode). thanks for life discovery science technology tech learning education tlc national geographic nature earth planet channel universe mystery secret civilisation architecture archaeology tunnel dig digging hole ground worldInvestigative mythologist William Henry discussed the connection between the seraphim and reptilians, and the transition into the "next human" as beings who enter the rainbow body of light. There are several different kinds of angels, he noted, but the seraphim are of the highest order, beings of pure light and love, who could represent the next level of humanity. "I believe that we're on the verge of chambers" that have been depicted in ancient representations, and this is going to be opening the door towards traveling in parallel dimensions-- a technology that could actually be available in the next 10 years, he Tibetans teach that Earth is part of a federation of 14 different star systems, including Sirius, Arcturus, and the Pleiades. Some of the advanced Tibetan masters are said to have evolved into light bodies and traveled to these other systems, possibly through wormholes, said Henry. Beings who have transformed into rainbow or light bodies may appear to us like apparitions, such as when Mother Mary is seen, he pointed out that the ancients pictured the seraphim as feathered serpents, and depicted them in artworks as having vortex-shaped bodies covered with feathers (see related images). While the seraphim have a serpentine aspect to them, he differentiated them from the reptilians, the so-called tall, crocodile-nosed ETs who have been associated with negative behavior toward humans. The rainbow body tradition is calling upon humanity to expand our hearts and minds and become more full spectrum electrical and spiritual beings, he :William Henry is an investigative mythologist and author of ten books on ancient mythology and neo-archaeology with a Stargate twist. By applying the latest theories in science and consciousness to ancient myths of the gates of the illumined gods, including Sumerian, Egyptian and Holy Grail gateway myths, he hopes to uncover the secrets of the guarded, by such groups as the Illuminati. His latest book, Oracle of the Illuminati, states that we are on the verge of rediscovering the sacred science of creating peace on EarthTags: Abraham: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION - Part 1 of 5 - Esther & Jerry HicksThe Secret: View first 20 minutesLaw of Attraction David Childerley Reveals The SecretAn Inspirational Video 1 - The Law Of AttractionLaw of Attraction - An Advanced Concept to the Law of AttractionBob Proctor on The SecretWill Smith on the Law of AttractionLarry King Interviews Oprah on The SecretYour words and thoughts have physical power - Will SmithI am a magnet to MONEYSecret Meditations : Using the law of attractionMoney comes to you when you watch this one ! - Law of attraction - Money, Millionare, your did they delete this from the Secret?MassachusettsMesotheliomaLawyerRiversideAccidentLawyerSeattleMesotheliomaLawyerMesotheliomaSolicitorsLawsuitMesotheliomaWestVirginiaMesotheliomaAttorneyAutoAccidentLawyersCaliforniaLouisianaMesotheliomaLawyerConnecticutMesotheliomaAttorneyNewYorkMesotheliomaAttorney Category Education License Standard YouTube

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