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Giants of Ancient America/ The mound builders

  • Uploaded by OtherNews on May 25, 2014
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Came across this cool vid about giants and the mounds they left behind. I went to Cahokia Mounds in southern Illinois this week to see the mounds for myself. I am now a true believer! We are not the indigenous species here; WE are the aliens! Think about it; if Atlantis and Mu existed, it was before the , possibly MIllions of years prior. (see Michael Tellinger vid on million year old giant footprint)If the Sumerians were right and our world is the reformed lower half of a larger water giant called giants may have been here when that world was whole; some survived the cataclysm that Nibiru caused by shattering Tiamat into half and tried to continue their , of course, there are the Nefilim; the offspring of the annunaki and early the red haired skeletons being found and HIDDEN now the remains of these demigods?

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