An introduction to How to make alien contact

YT: bright garlick This is an introductory video to How to make contact with aliens. In this video I explain one method for making conscious contact with people from elsewhere. This is a basic summary . that should be enough to get most people going and if done correctly is likely to result in some form of contact. I'm re-editing this, so it may change tomorrow. Feel free to add any comments. I'll try my best to answer questions. I will remove any negative or derogatory comments or anything to do with Reptilians, bad ET's or demons. Get a life people and open your hearts and minds ! There appears to be an anomalous object above my head to the left at approx 5:26 and something similar but further away a few seconds before. My early analysis, does not indicate that these are insects - although there are insects in other parts of the video. I am open to interpretation at this stage. Note the appearance in light of what I was talking about. Happy to accept a perfectly logical explanation if it can be demonstrated. Happy contact to all ! PS. Just looked at the video and realized it's changed the size so you won't see the object. I'll try change the format and have this re-edited in a day or so.

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