UFOs as Biological Entities

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Best viewed in post will try to give examples and argue in favor of the "biological" nature of what many people think as UO/crafts/flying saucers, many people think of UFOs as "machines" with occupants/pilots. It is our believe that this idea is a MYTH, self-perpetuated by people expectations and was already noted by Trevor J Constable in 1957, and even in 1962 by Kenneth Arnold the coiner of the term: "flying saucers". This idea was also pursued by the author and biologist Ivan Terence Sanderson in his 1967 book: "Uninvited visitors". He said of ufologists: "The mere suggestion that there could also be a biological aspect to their subject invariably seems to upset them". And that is even true today. People of all levels have been deeply conditioned to think of UFO nomalies as "crafts", the more "crafty" than an UFO nomaly looks like in a footage the more "excited" will be the people, the view count in many video footage here in YT confirm that, and that is an aspect that is exploited by marketing people all the time. I part of the basic assumption that anomalies are real, and that assumption have been confirmed by multiple video captures around the world, that is a fact. There are very simple procedures that people can follow to observe anomalies, for example: , several independent people have already used mirror reflections in daylight to "attract" them. This "biological" feature is very clear in the many footage where anomalies interact, we have even footage where anomalies are seen doing what can only be described as "playing". Anomalies can mimic many shapes, but that is also eminently a "biological" characteristic, mimicry is very common in our carbon base life form world. We also have cases where anomalies have formed recognizable shapes, but even in that case that do not implies intelligence necessarily, we have birds that can repeat human words and that do not imply superior intellect. It is also becoming very clear that anomalies respond to electromagnetic pulses in a wide range of the spectrum, from ultraviolet, passing for the visible part( mirror reflections), infrared and short radio waves. This is eminently a "biological" characteristic too, not surprising when we also are sensitive to all that range in the electromagnetic spectrum. We also are sensitive to all that range:- The ultraviolet radiation gives us We "see" in the visible We feel heat via infrared We get burned by intense short radio waves, the technical insight behind the microwave ovens. This reaction ttraction to electromagnetic pulses also is very biological and not very different to the reaction of insects to light at night. We have then these "biological" entities that can change shape at will, and can mimic many shapes known to us. They can be observed in our atmosphere in any clear day, and also have been observed from the International Space Station in near space. Since they can move freely in empty space we can assume that their numbers are really huge, astronomical. We are not claiming what these anomalies/biological entities are, a more systematic study is needed, everything that we have claimed have been based on the observable facts at hand. Anomalies may have an earth origin, we do not discard that possibility.

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