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UFOs - Sources of Mystery and Disaster

  • Uploaded by OtherNews on May 28, 2014
  • Hits: 1038

UFO sightings near disasters is not a new phenomenon, they have been recorded for thousands of years by all the peoples of the world. Recently however, strange objects - whether they are UFO orbs, ET vehicles, government drones, or something else entirely - have been spotted near many devastating incidents including the Moore, Oklahoma tornado as well as wild fires across the globe. Compounding this mystery is the unprecedented rise of triangle UFOs seen across many countries and in greater detail than ever includes multiple sightings of eerily similar "black triangle" UFOs, creepy "beaming lights" captured on hunting cameras across multiple states, and a dark sphere slowly circling against the spiraling vortex winds of a massive tornado. The presentation also compiles 911 phone calls from a massive sighting in Michigan for a stunning "re-living" of the event through the eyes of witness footage and conversations between government do unidentified objects appear near disasters? Why have black triangles been seen in staggering numbers over the past few months? Are these triangles secret craft of some national government or rogue organization? Are these objects, and not just the triangles, alien in origin? And - most importantly - is their presence indicative?*****************************************************NOTES/UPDATES:- My Facebook page is the best way to reach me. I rarely respond to YouTube comments. If you'd like to ask a question, suggest a piece of footage, or something else, best place to do it is Facebook. I will also be adding an FAQ section to the Facebook page very On suspicious0bservers radio show "Fly on the Wall", I said this video would include a very mysterious UFO case in Sicily from 2003. Because of the Michigan segment which I think fits this video better, I will postpone the Sicily case until a future date. - Rise of a New World Order Part 2 is likely the next video I will create unless inspiration (or creative block) hits me. I am also considering a Part 3 to make it a trilogy, but I'm not sure. Your thoughts are appreciated on this.

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