Prayer and fasting under Rabbis was for the once-born natural men Disciples but meditation and intuition in Christ Jesus.

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Prayer and fasting under Rabbis was for the once-born natural men Disciples but meditation and intuition of twice-born of holy spirit in Christ Jesus.

Hi Brother Spencer,

Disciples of John, the Baptist, Rabbis, Pharisees, Sadducees, etc., they said prayers and fast. When Jesus presented Himself to John, the Baptist, He became His Disciple as the other natural men were. Thus, for Forty Days he did say prayer and fast. Those Days were of Discipleship but after that He started the Ministry of His Supernatural Father that is purely Spirit and we do not have heavenly father that is not seen or we are kept alienated as the Rabbis did.

In this Supernatural Father, we carry His Temple with us and He lives with us called Emmanuel. So, to this Supernatural Father, we do not pray but we communicate with Him through His Word and we are His Christs who can explain His Word embodied in the Parables from our own hearts in honour of our Bridegroom Christ Jesus. Thus, Jesus being the Anointed Son of God, He was begotten of our Father to Usher in this New Era of Christs in our hearts and not the dead Letters of the Torah in our heads. In fact, Christ Jesus was the Fountain of Oral Torah that was missing among the Rabbis in that they could not perform Miracles anymore. This is stressed by a Rabbi telling the woman, why did you get healed on Sabbath by Christ Jesus on Sabbath? If you have come another day, I would have done that for you. He, the Rabbi, didn't know that Sabbath is a Special Day devoted to perform works of Mercy for the suffering people that our Supernatural Brother Christ Jesus was celebrating through healing people to remind the Rabbis of. But the Rabbis were hypocrites.

Thus, in the Rabbis when we were children once-born natural men, we communicated with our heavenly father Yahweh through prayers and fasting but when we are twice-born of spirit, then we know our Real Father is with us and there is no need to say prayer or fast but to communicate with Him through Meditation or intuition talking to Him day and night to receive Gospel through logical reasoning.

The Labourers of Jesus being of the holy spirit are greater than the Rabbis, the men of Letters devoid of holy spirit or Oral Torah. Remember that the Moral Laws are shadow of the Oral Torah or His Word and so is heavenly father Yahweh a Shadow to our Real Father God, Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc. This is the Summer Time of Christ to ripen the Fruit of our works that we earned during the Winter Time of Rabbis in the past Ages. Thus, Christ comes to clear the Thrashing Floor with His Mighty fork and puts those who go by their Christs into the Barn of our Father called Resurrection. Thus, re-incarnation through works and resurrection through the grace of our Father when we Preach Gospel from our hearts where Christ rests.
In Jesus, we are to be solitary. Much confused Trinity is explained.
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