Extraterrestrial Truth Documentary : UFO FOOTAGE/ DISCLOSURE/ ET CONTACT

Extra-terrestrial beings have been observing, assisting and interacting with planet Earth ever since the beginning. These beings of magnificent wisdom, have assisted humanity in many different ways. They have helped us to understand the importance in sacred geometry, and universal knowledge which is formed around love and understanding of creation. Encoded knowledge is information that is conveyed in signs and symbols and we can find this understanding all over the world. This flavor of information is becoming popular, as millions of humans are being contacted each year, due to the shift of consciousness that is occurring on beings exist within the higher spectrum of light, and connect within large collectives of energy. These beings are unified with a federation of worlds, as they travel the galaxies to assist other star systems in many different beings in their space vehicles, will sometimes materialize into the third and fourth dimension, so our eyes are able to see the craft. These crafts are based upon electromagnetic propulsion, that is why you often see them pulsating and glowing with to Dr Steven Greer, Disclosure project, Cseti, Citizen Press Hearing and Thrive movementGUIDED MEDITATION FOR ET CONTACT: out my other videos!Subscribe for updates!Many blessings!

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