5/27/2014 -- Colorado 4 MILE LONG Landslide @ FRACKING operation

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Undeniable screenshot proof of the FRACKING INJECTION WELL OPERATION at the Colorado landslide location here: 28 2014: They turned OFF the gas wells in the area around Collbran Colorado ! quote:"Energy companies have suspended operations in the area, and wells likely will be offline for an extended period, perhaps months, said David Ludlam, executive director of the West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas , the geologist, said he did not think drilling played a part in the slide." those who don't understand, or those who are trying to deny the fracking connection to this huge let me explain a bit , no one can deny there is indeed a fracking operation at the landslide location. This is a order to explain why this 4 mile landslide occurred at the fracking operation, you must first understand how the plate is moving currently, and how the weak spots are showing excessive examples of the weak spot / craton edge earthquake swarms in Idaho near Red Butte (western portion of the yellowstone magma chamber) , and swarms at Yellowstone park itself, all swarms happening over the past 2 Also, the huge landslide in Washington State (preceded by an earthquake)... the other landslide in Jackson Hole Wyoming at a dormant volcanic the earthquake swarms at the fracking operations in Oklahoma + Texas + South Colorado, the odd earthquakes in Utah, Nevada and California at the dormant volcanic sites, the larger earthquakes off the coast of California and Oregon at the fresh lavic the announcement that magma chambers in the Pacific Northwest at Mount Saint Helens and Yellowstone are "recharging"......Finally, the confirmation that Yellowstone has raised FOUR inches, and moved 1inch Southeast since NEW YEARS . Yellowstone located along the edge of the craton, proves the edge is being moved add in the earthquakes along the Southern + Eastern edges of the craton , movement in Virginia, Quebec Canada, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Missouri, and it all the craton edge is being displaced. The weak spots, such as dormant volcanic chains, new lavic fields, and FRACKING operations are showing heavy movement . This is due to the entire edge of the North American craton being displaced (as evidenced by the earthquake activity occurring directly upon the edge of it).Fracking operations contain hundreds (in some cases thousands) of drill sites. Each drilled out shaft is nothing more than a man made "tube" in the ground. Similar to what mother nature would produce in a volcanic chain. Multiple fractures out of hollow tubes in the ground. Earthquakes occur naturally at the weak like a perforation in a box makes it easy to bend, the perforations in the crust provide a point for pressure release. Officals are quick to jump to "flooding" in these landslide events. Normally, I would not disagree, however the location of this huge collapse in Colorado , screams out to me as being tectonic related. Flooding was the "reason" used in Washington State, also in Jackson Hole Wyoming. A week or so after Jackson Hole actually split in half, the main stream media acknowledged it was a BUTTE which split, not due to flooding. The Washington state landslide was hushed up very quickly after the announcement that a SEISMIC EVENT ( to ) occurred about an hour before the Colorado landslide appears to be more rock and sand than any "water". Don't see flooding waters, no running streams, not even much "mud" in any of the shots. My best informed guess on this, is that craton pressure caused a fracture at the fracking operation. Possibly an underground aquifer, mixed with frack sand pumped in under high pressure for several years is what caused this massive "flow".Not seeing the WATER that could have caused anyone have ANY PROOF of water? All I'm seeing is rock and sand mixed with trees knocked over at HIGH SPEED .. like a lahar flow, not a mud of Lahar flows, Dotsero volcano is just 50 miles Northeast , Colorado's only well known volcano which is located of also due North are the Hot Springs, and just North of the Hot Springs is Jackson Hole which had its own collapse. We can expect more movement (earthquake wise) along the edge of the craton , which means we can expect future large collapses like this in the future. (collapse isn't the right term, at this point, I'd call this an "eruption" of debris coming from a mix of an aquifer with a fracking operation under high pressure all being released at once due to a larger plate movement issue)

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