5/31/2014 -- Saint Louis Missouri Thunderstorm -- HD cam / Microphone test

Watch in 1080p HD if possible :)Yesterday evening , Friday May 30 2014 , a series of strong cell thunderstorms broke out across almost 2 dozen states. From the North, through the midwest, to the South tip of Florida. Strong cells, hail, and a few areas with damaging in South St. Louis, MO facing meaning the storms were coming from the NORTHEAST heading to the was occurring due to Missouri being on the Northern tier of the low pressure system passing to the South across the Southern states of Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and you have a system with any bass to it, or good headphones, you should be able to hear the lower frequency bass recorded by the HD microphone. This cam has a wide angle "up" view, which gets a fairly good shot of ground to sky.

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