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Fukushima An In Depth Documentary By VICE

  • Uploaded by Renseor on Jun 4, 2014
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Shane Smith Vice Founder, Presents "Fukushima"Go Beyond What You Are Being Told By The General Media, With Depth Interviews From The People Who Live In The Radioactive This 13 Minute Documentary, You Will Hear Doctors Tell The True Story Of What Is Happening Behind The Veil Of Japan's Secrecy Law Which Prohibits Speaking About The Radioactive Effects Of Fukushima And Listen To Residents, And A Former Employee Of Tepco, Tell The Truth Of About The Condition Of The Reactor Plants, And The Deteriorating Conditions Of Safety And Interviewed, Scientists Who Have Conducted Studies In Okinawa On Butterflies Eating Vegetation Contaminated By Radiation. Listen And Watch An 8th Generation Farmer Who Grows Food That The Government Says Is Safe For Residents To Eat. See Actual Radiation Readings Being Taken Just A Few Feet From The Government Radiation Monitoring Stations Which Greatly Differ In Their Children Are At Great Risk For Developing Thyroid Cancers As Doctors Explain In Their This And More, To Be Seen And This Informative Video With Everyone You Secrecy Must Be Stopped. The World Must Know The More Documentary Films By Vice, Please Visit Their Those Who Are Getting The Word World You Help Save Is Dependent On Your Becoming An Active

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