The Sun is leaking Mega Filaments. Super Hyder Flare soon?

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What is a Hyderflare? Science says "Flares are intense brightenings that occur in the solar chromosphere. Flares are generally observed from Earth using narrow band filters, typically with a bandwidth of less than nm, and often centred on the Hydrogen-Alpha wavelength of nm. (Flares also have counterparts, that is, sudden outbursts, in the radio and X-ray spectrum).Most flares occur around active regions associated with sunspot groups. However, occasionally a flare (sudden brightening) is observed well away from an active region or sunspot group. These flares are invariably associated with the sudden disappearance of a large (thick, long, 'bushy') dark solar filament, and are termed Hyder produces Hyder flares?Hyder's explanation of the flare type now named after him depended on the observational evidence that (1) often the flare was a parallel ribbon flare with one ribbon each side of the filament channel, and (2) that geomagnetic storms were not associated with these flares. This led to the speculation that the filamentary material was not ejected far into the corona, but in fact fell back to the chromosphere producing the flare."THORnews says "Holy shit that shit looks crazy. I told y'all the Sun was freaking out."We're going to keep our eye on this. That thing is gettin' Galactic Bless CUDDLE NOW!Your pal, tweet at me on the twitter@NewThor

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