6/05/2014 -- Airplanes spraying (seeding) over Kansas cause tornadoes + hail

Kansas does regular spraying of chemicals (via aircraft) for precipitation enhancement ... usually paid for by the Kansas state aquifer authority. Here is last months spray schedule from the Western Kansas Weather Modification Program , paid for using funds from the State: is more on their weather modification program: the video title says, a major storm outbreak has resulted via aerosol / sprayed particulate interference with the , we're talking about cloud seeding planes laying trails for "precipitation enhancement" across the Western portion of Kansas directly before an oncoming , the trails put out by the weather modification aircraft INSTANTLY developed into tornadoes, hail, and damaging winds, as the storms which were instantly created became far too powerful (unexpectedly).Cloud seeding is done usually using sprayed silver iodide, which acts as a moisture molecule attractor, which ultimately produces droplets of rain. Usually the raindrop formation process happens within minutes (or less) of spraying the more on weather modification here:

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