UFO Solar Balloon!

It's my first, and the first I've Solar UFO! Made from only 11 trash bags and less than 2 rolls of masking tape, and a little string to hold its shape. After testing it on a tether, I decided to take it out to the park and release it. The tether pulls on it, letting the wind beat air out of it and giving it a weird shape. So no tether is the best that's how I flew it. I added weight to the bottom because it has a very strong urge to flip over as soon as you let go of it. A few small rocks and a note with my contact information was its payload as I let it up into the sky, where it flew over a busy road and stayed around for about 20 minutes before disappearing. In the sky it looked awesome, and I'm wondering how many people were actually fooled. Watching it fly away was definitely worth all the work it took to build. -- Learn more about solar balloons and how they work at

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