NASA declares Giant Near Earth Asteroid is NOT a Beast!

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Jun 7, 2014
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Asteroid Fight Clubs revs up as Amy Mainzer cuts a Potentially Hazardous Near Earth Asteroid in half (With observation) & She knocks a National Geographic reporter's dick in the dirt (The detective the reporter used to get his information). Yes! Asteroid 2014 HQ124 is 320 meters knocked down from a possible 900 m that was listed on NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Close Approach listings and it's passing Lunar Distances away. Professional Astronomers assure us that there is zero chance of doom or gloom or boom from this Asteroid, but those of us taking part in the Asteroid Challenge will keep an eye out for smaller celestial objects that might not yet be are quite a few brand new BIG HUGE MASSIVE asteroids coming this summer, but they all appear to be orbiting at safe distances so party on party people!Special thanks to Ms. Amy Mainzer and the whole NEOWISE crew. Sweet. I'll be busy making videos this weekend. New Planets. New Stars. New Weirdness. Black Holes. Dark Matter. and tons o fun. luck!If you need the Astonishers,we will be ready!God bless everyone, tweet me on the twitter @NewThor

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