FACEBOOK: REPORT;Date: 05/30/13Time: 20:30Sighting City: ESCONDIDOSighting Country: UNITED STATESSighting Country:SAN DIEGOShape: CircleNumber of Craft: 6Witness said:"I was getting out of my car last night and I see like 6 orange circular lights in the sky forming a weird shape they all moved in unsynchronized with eachother and than faded out. Some were brighter. This is the second time Ive witnessed this. The first time I saw them they flew by and faded out into nowhere."ORANGE "FIREBALL" PHENOMENON CONTINUES UNABATED INTO 2013 We have addressed the sudden increase in the number of reports of "orbs" or "fireballs," we hesitate to do it again. However, the phenomenon appears to us at NUFORC to be such a significant change in the reports that we have been accustomed to receiving that we cannot avoid addressing the issue again. We summarize below a few of the more dramatic, and well documented, cases that have been reported to our Center, over the last five weeks: PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 02, 2012, @ 01:20 HRS. (LOCAL) - A senior airline captain, and his fiance, while sitting on the veranda of their hotel room, witness up to a dozen distinctly orange lighted objects rise out of the ocean, and ascend out of sight. Full Report ELMONT, NEW YORK, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 2012, @ 20:10 HRS. (LOCAL) - A husband and wife, both highly educated professionals, witness, they estimated, approximately 12 orange lights in front of their car, as they drove on Long Island, New York, approximately 17 miles east of Manhattan . Full Report PEORIA, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2012, @ 20:15 HRS. (LOCAL) -Two women, driving from Peoria to Chillicothe, Illinois, witness a cluster of orange lights in the nighttime sky. Full The National UFO Reporting Center has received multiple reports about an alleged event that has occurred there tonight, September 21st, in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Multiple parties have reported to our Center, both via telephone, and via our Online Report Form, that they had been recent witness to clusters of orange "orbs" or "fireballs." In at least one case near Wolverhampton, one of the fireballs allegedly passed rapidly across the sky, slowed to a stop, and then took on the appearance of a cylindrical object, which exhibited lights at both of its ends. It then proceeded to pass slowly down the length of a local thoroughfare. Report 1

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