The Beast: 'Tracking Near-Earth Asteroid 2014 HQ124' [Bob Berman, Mark Boslough and Geoff Fox @ Slooh]

Discovered on April 23rd by NASA's Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE), Near Earth-Asteroid 2014 HQ124, now nicknamed "The Beast", with an estimated diameter of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier (325 Meters / 1066 feet) and traveling at approximately 31,000 MPH (14 km/s), will race by Earth this week at a worrisome three lunar distances away. Slooh will cover The Beast live on Thursday, June 5th starting at 11:30 AM PDT / 2:30 PM EDT / 18:30 UTC - International Times: . Slooh will broadcast the event live from Australia, featuring time lapse imagery from Slooh's newly renovated robotic observatory in Chile. Viewers can watch the live asteroid broadcast free on The image stream will be accompanied by discussions led by Slooh host, Geoff Fox, Slooh astronomer, Bob Berman, Slooh friend, Dr. Mark Boslough, an expert on planetary impacts and global catastrophes and frequent participant on many science TV documentaries. Viewers can follow updates on the show by using the hashtag #Sloohbeast.

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