64 Fireballs in 1 day! + NASA & the strange scientific State of Asteroid Defense

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Jun 8, 2014
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After I finished reporting on Amy Mainzer bitch slapping Astronomy journalists* over the naming of Asteroid 2014 HQ124 as The Beast I noticed that SpaceWeather listed 64 Fireballs for June 5th 2014 on their All Sky Fire Ball Network. And, as long as I've been geeking out and obsessively following Asteroids Fireballs Celestial Objects & Comets I've never seen a number that high. And all the flaming meteors with sound were sporadic rocks meaning not part of any known meteor shower or storm. The Orbit Chart seems busted. So either the Orbit Chart was wrong or the number reported was wrong. Either way, I do believe that 64 fireballs is a THOR stamped THORnews record. I checked around to verify to avoid troll attacks but found no records listed anywhere. I couldn't find anything on the Asgard network, alas too bad. So if we had 64 fireballs in one day, where did they come from? Why the large uptick in fireballs? Then only to drop down to 5 fireballs the next day? Was it a mistake? Is all the science & space data a total bullshit scam facade?And what's up with the Save the World from Dangerous Potentially Hazardous Near Earth Asteroid crowdsourcing ? crowdfunding ? Since when did we need to kickstarter the military? Shit. Astronomers talk more about Climate Change than they do Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto or Dwarf planetoids like Eris Sedna MakeMake VP113 Ceres or Vesta, or our solar system, the oort cloud or the Milky Way galaxy or Andromeda Galaxy or the seems like the mostly talk about regulation climate change & global warming & the Big Bang proving Christians are 's fucked up, y' we can turn this thing around, get everyone to find common ground, move to higher ground and step into a better times, Cool. Stay Cool. Astonishers rule. God bless good angels,your pal in the Big Asteroid fight, tweet me on the twitter @NewThor

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