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Mobile Version - : : out the new Flamethrower Video!: "Contact High" - Architecture in Helsinki (misspelt in video, DAMN)"Amoebaz" - RUNE! (aka Swoon)LA BIKE CULT*Los Angelopes* INFO ---------Built and Ridden by Richie Trimble of Los Angeles, CAWhat an awesome adventure!! Thanks for all the support and all those beautiful 2013 - Los Angeles, at the SeatBuilt in 12 work hoursOne Huffy beach cruiser, 2" square tubing, 3/4" round tubing, and 1" round tubing26" single speed coaster brake single speed bicycle chains ( of chain)To bend the pipe i used an upside down shopping cart and a split log. Ghetto, i know, but hey, IT last tallbike was just under 10ft tall at the seat and you can see us featured in 30 Seconds to Mars' music video, "Kings and Queens" - , is the inbetween from that one (Kafourki) and the world record tallest bike that i'll be building later this :Thank you to all the Angelopes who guided STOOPIDTALL through the sea of fellow cyclists!Thanks to all the photographers and videographers who documented STOOPIDTALL's Maiden Voyage!And SUPER Thanks to LAPD and the other Traffic Enforcement officers that allowed us passage to brightening people 's Next? STOOPIDTALL will be featured in ZEN DOG, an indie film shooting in JULY - and :@ COPYRIGHT RICHIE TRIMBLE 2013

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