Proof the Earth is Flat, NASA lies!

  • Uploaded by BadAstro on Jun 9, 2014
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The Earth is Flat & not Round. NASA has lied to the world since 1959. Brainwashing has continued from an early age until Adulthood & the lies must end. I believed in a Round Earth for over 30 years until I started doing research for months on especially my own research on the horizon & is my first of a series of videos I will do on the subject that the Earth is Flat. Using NASA's own footage to prove my point on the deceit on their behalf plus other footage. Welcome to the Flat Earth, what you've been standing on for decades in your whole for those claiming the balloon that went up is not NASA but the Redbull Promotion, there is no other authority other than from NASA to do such, so yes it's still under their authority.(Music is not my own in this video, and I make no claims of copyright or reproducing.)

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