Slavyansk. The bloody Trinity. 08.06.2014 # Save Donbass People PLAY

Slavyansk. The bloody Trinity. 08.06.2014 # Save Donbass People

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Orthodox Church marks the Day of the Holy Trinity on Sunday at the 50th day after Easter, Pentecost.

The Kiev Junta offense. A war crime. Neo-Nazi crimes against humanity.
On the the Holy Trinity day Slavyansk was undergone by severe artillery bombardment from the fascists. Burning houses at the each corner and the city is tightened with black smoke.
This shelling was particularly strong and ended only late at night. City Council building, one of the temples in the city center, residential high-rise buildings, several workshops, hospitals and schools were destroyed or badly damaged. Also damaged the pipeline. Particularly hard suffered Slavyansk suburb Semenivka village. According to local residents "there isn't undestroyed a single building". There're victims, including children. Set civilians were seriously injured. The locals are hiding in basements and shelters.

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