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FIFA World Cup, Brazil, 12 of June to 13th of July, 2014MAJOR FALSE FLAG ATTACK AT WORLD CUP IN BRAZIL conceals ww3 in Eurasiadr Meno is sticking his neck out at this forecast. He has been haunted with the notion that there will be a major false flag or real event at the FIFA World Cup Tournament in Brazil. It is about time that NATO will make a major move in the Ukraine to agitate Putin and Russia beyond the breaking point. Putin has been very reserved with his neighbor as NATO invades the Ukraine. I am very surprise he let it happen. Maybe he knows something we all don't. He has been very observant and calm in the buildup of NATO forces on the eastern fronts of Europe and on the Pacific side. USA has been coordinating military buildup with the Asian allies, down to shores of has been prodding Russia like a tiger in a cage. Agitating Russia through propaganda forcing them to make a move to retaliate. Hence the propagating of WW3. Since NATO can't spark a fight with Russia in the Ukraine. Maybe they will have a false flag in Brazil during the world cup. This could have a 2 fold effect. One, to hide atrocities going on in the Ukraine's eastern front. Or TWO, to have Russia come to the defense of Brazil as an allied partner of BRICS. So any event that may happen in Brazil will be an opportunistic event for the USA and NATO to exploit. Always look what is going on under the table. Especially when the Presstitutes continue spreading lies and propaganda throughout the

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