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Contest Link! The world's largest ufo event is doing an exclusive promotion with Thirdphaseofmoon. Each week, 1 ticket winner will be given each week from now until the event which is August 8-11 in Joshua Tree, Southern California. The list of speakers is too big to write but a few of the notable speakers are George Noory, Erich Van Daniken, Giorgios Tsoukalos, Dr. Seven Greer and sooo many more. You can see the list of speakers at "" So how do you win one of the prizes total give away $5,0000? Simple, go to and enter your name and email address. Winners announced live by Dr. J Andy Ilias during the Thirdphaseofmoon guest show on revolution radio, which is Thursdays 8-10pm ET at Studio A; in the last 30-45 minutes, we announce each week's winner and if you hear your name, call in at 818-923-1713 to claim your prize live on air! And if you miss the show? No problem, you will also be notified you won via email and of course if you have any questions, contact Blake Cousins, Dr. J or anyone in the Contact in the Desert Team. You do NOT want to miss this event; last year, Dr. Greer did his CE-5 for over 500 people and everyone present was amazed. This is only ONE of the many events happening at Contact in the Desert and Thirdphaseofmoon is proud to be a sponsor of the world's premiere ufo event by giving the largest prizes out of any contest. Hurry and enter and each week, feel free to re-enter! We have already announced this last week's first winner and the next winner could be YOU! The odds of winning are truly great! And if your fear is that you will be getting slammed with spam after you give your email, we assure you that the CITD staff does nothing with your email but keep it until next year. Other than that, Thirdphaseofmoon may send you an email with some exclusive content or an invitation to the largest fans for our big promotions, premieres and events events Nonetheless, the email you enter is safe! And even if you don't live near CA, sign up and if you win, that can be your excuse to come to California but if it's still too far, don't let that deter you from being a winner! You have nothing to lose with the contest and all the best to gain! Join the contest, continue to keep your eyes in the sky and remember, ufo and Et discloser are IN YOUR HANDS!!!! Sign up and win a ticket and listen to both of our radio shows but even if you miss them, everything ends up right here, the one stop ufo shop, Thidphaseofmoon!If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook! Thirdphaseofmoon Album Paul Barrett Radio our new website Blog

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