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Cell Phone Exposure Could Lead To Male Infertility

  • Uploaded by Newsy on Jun 11, 2014
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A team of researchers from the University of Exeter says cell phone exposure could lead to male Brice Sander more at : Flickr @N02/3106153743/in/photolist-5JtRhT-9qQCYc-imrN6-dkJEAh-6WHwgj-5mwyBi-9qQCXp-5VkEFn-e3PWmU-ghNmC-7gzZ2-cbDxTW-2gpKkc-4HS2p8-nBvsYq-68sgz4-imrFz-9mdC8g-4saK7k-4tuMqW-5m3oZ-2tF5bq-5d8xBi-5amvjL-6qGNyi-fCPx1Y-61nXN5-9Unm NBC EurekAlert! HealthDay University Herald Science World Report NBC Environment International via: Flickr / Duncan

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