Ghost Caught On Camera In Old Haunted Cemetery

Follow: : : ! NEW EPISODES RELEASED BI- BY: KEVIN MACLEOD (Royalty Free Music)-----"UNCOVERED" EPISODE 5:IPRAstrong would like to dedicate this episode of "UNCOVERED" to Tom Halstead. Tom Halstead was one of the world's best paranormal photographers. He was an avid ghost hunter and was featured in "Children Of The Grave" produced by The Booth Brothers of SpookedTV. We had the pleasure of investigating with Tom at the old Ruins in Missouri. It is an insanely haunted location. During our investigation at this ancient Catholic Monastery, Tom captured this amazing photo of what we believe to be a real ghost caught on camera. The spirit manifested to the right of David Scott as he was conducting an EMF Sweep of the location. PLEASE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!Links:David's Website: 's Website: 's Twitter: 's Facebook: 's Twitter: Website: 's Channel: :

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