Ten Awesome Dystopian Films Not to Miss!

  • Uploaded by Edward777 on Jun 12, 2014
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Michael Cross, author of the "Freedom from Conscience" book series and host of UCY TV's "Unlock the Door" radio show is joined by Jasmin to discuss ten excellent dystopian movies. The messages behind these films are more than just entertainment as they are warnings for the future of mankind. 1) A Clockwork Orange 5:00, 2) Hunger Games 12:30 3) Idiocracy 23:30 4) Soylent Green 28:50 5) Robocop 33:00 6) Blade Runner 40:00 7) Matrix 48:30 8) 1984 51:00 9) Equilibrium 51:40 10) They Live 54:00 For more information on the "Freedom from Conscience" boks please check: http://www.finest.se/JasminCroft and for the Facebook fan page for Unlock the Door: https://www.facebook.com/michaelcrossunlock

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