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400 Square Kilometer Flash Of Light In Russia.


This anomalous event occurred at Tovoturinskaya rail station in Tyumenskaya oblast'. For about three seconds a very bright flash appeared at midnight illuminating area of about 400 km. As to the reports there was no sound at all. There are no light sources in this area nor any launch sites.

There are reports from local citizens who saw several lights in the sky at that time and felt low seismic activity.

The bright light in the night also was recorded by several cameras even in Tyumen city that is 400 km away.

No official explanation was given.

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  • Scuba21#

    Scuba21 February 14, 2009 8:32:21 PM CET

    probably a meteorite burning up in the atmosphere, the same thing happened here in Canada a few months back, it was pretty cool actually.

  • Dirtyrabbit#

    Dirtyrabbit February 13, 2009 8:14:02 PM CET

    ps the web sitehttp://tyumen.rfn.ru/rnews.html?id=56013&cid=8

  • Dirtyrabbit#

    Dirtyrabbit February 13, 2009 8:12:43 PM CET

    translatedDay for three seconds. In past [vykhodnyena] of the territory of Tyumen' Oblast - from The [abatskogo] region to the provincial center - was fixed uncommon phenomenon. Bright flash appeared before the sky. It continued about three seconds. What this was - anomalous natural phenomenon, the unidentified projectile or whose- that joke - people and scientists are lost in the guesses. Eugene Chekhovian encountered randomly irregular phenomenon. He indicates that in this there is even some mysticism. Simply sequential time sat too long on the work and decided to clean the server, on whom is stored all information from the cameras of [videonabledeniya]. And for some reason immediately it stumbled on this picture - bright flash before the sky during three seconds. It is imprinted at [Tovoturinskaya] station, in 30 km from the provincial center. Eugene have its version of that occurred. %u201CThere can be explosion some of nuclear plant. We [snachalo] solved, that this in the side was Beloyarskiy AES, but they looked because of the navigator, that this entirely in the other side. There is the information about the fact that in Omsk region are such nuclear plants%u201D, assumed Eugene Chekhovian. By the way, the firm of Eugene attends video cameras, also, in the adjacent Omsk region. But picture from there indicates that in Omsk there was no similar phenomenon also in the mention. Then, they fixed it in The [abatskiy] region of Tyumen' Oblast, and in the villages Of the [vagayskogo] region according to of eyewitnesses, even seismic activity was observed. According to Vitalius [Ugreninova], this phenomenon completely could be. Similar surprises he studies already more than six years. In his opinion, nature of night flash lies in the celestial bodies. %u201CWe are inclined to the version of meteoritic. Judging by the seismic activity in the villages Of the [vagayskogo] region, it is sooner anything, this was meteorite%u201D, says colleague %u201CTyumen' -[Kosmopoisk]%u201D Vitalius [Ugreninov]. Video cameras fixed similar phenomenon, also, in Tyumen'. It turns out that in Tyumen' Oblast it was observed from The [abatskogo] region to the provincial center. But this nearly 400 km. %u201CThere is no logical explanation to this, says the witness of flash in Tyumen' Pavel [Zobnin]. - The phenomenon, which we observed, light, sound was not observed. The flash was very bright, which very rapidly went out slowly%u201D. The explanation of entire this, possibly, will appear after more careful study.

  • Mayorofcydonia#

    Mayorofcydonia February 13, 2009 10:33:31 AM CET

    Unless one of those satellites had a nuke in them, I don't think the go off that brightly when the collide.

  • 7theseer#

    7theseer February 13, 2009 4:58:57 AM CET

    that's bugged out.

  • Loveandlight#

    Loveandlight February 13, 2009 1:06:05 AM CET

    unfortunately my russian is a little rusty :)

  • Moondust69#

    Moondust69 February 12, 2009 10:09:32 PM CET

    2 sattelites colliding

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