Outright Blackmail: 'Ukraine orders preparation for Russian gas cut' [PressTV]

'Ye can't have yr cake and eat it too!'

Kiev is preparing for the possibility of Moscow cutting off its gas supplies within the next three days over disputed bills.

Ukraine's Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk says he has told regional administrators and the head of the state energy company Naftogaz to start implementing a plan for reduced energy consumption. His comments came after Russia's energy ministry said it intended to hold no new talks with either the European Union or Ukraine before Moscow's deadline of Monday. The latest round of E-U-brokered talks broke up on Wednesday, with Ukraine refusing Russia's final offer of a final price. On Thursday, Russia's gas giant Gazprom said Kiev had until six-hundred G-M-T Monday to pay the firm about two-billion dollars in debt or face a gas cutoff.

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