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  • Uploaded by Propheeet on Jun 15, 2014
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1-800-JVI-7777JVIM does not monitor this YouTube site, To comment directly to Jack & Rexella or a donation, please go to , otherwise they won't know about your appreciation. Jack & Rexella discuss recent news headlines and World events as they relate to Bible Van Impe Ministries Box 7004 Troy MI 48007 USAJack Van Impe Ministries Box 1717 Postal Station A Windsor ON N9A 6Y1 CanadaORBecome a ministry Witness personally about Jesus and help win your family, friends, and neighbors to Christ!Become a soul winning partner with Dr. Jack Van Impe by pledging to send this ministry financial support each month. Click on and follow the donation link. Jesus is coming again soon -- Perhaps Today! Let's do our best to reach the world for Christ.

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