Russia Holds the Keys - Will Israel Strike Iran 2014?

  • Uploaded by Goldy on Jun 15, 2014
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PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE FEATURE VIDEO AND READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE: this be true? I do not know, but it certainly is worth watching to see what happens. Please note: this video iis the opinion of its creator, David VoseI am posting it because it is a possibility with what is written in scriptures. Keep in mind that the Elite are everywheretheir are Jewish elite, American elite, Chinese elite, etc. In this video, mystery Babylon, nephilim (fallen angels), Luciferians, and more are thoroughly discussed and explained. Time is running out, and the Illuminati, Luciferian bloodline will ensure that things happen in order for their plan to succeed. And, God will allow it because prophecy MUST be fulfilled!

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