Our Sun give birth to a baby Star? WTF is that Giant Object next to the Sun? Black Knight Satellite?

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Jun 16, 2014
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Peace!God Bless Everyone,TAstronomy is fun*!Science loves you!Hey. You can follow me on the facebook if yee WTF is that giant body near the Sun? It was on the Solar IMG SDO eve Sam forever & then someone captured a strange giant Sun baby looking thing next to the Sun & then they shut of the SDO EVE SAM camera. So the Hyderflare we had a week ago reminded of it and I had to ask what is it/was it? Was is the Satellite down or broken? Is the accretion disk theory totally wrong and Stars are celestial forges making kick ass planets? Nothing would surprise or shock me these minimal double peaked solar max has been interesting for sure. Keeping Astronomers & Scientists on their toes. I thought this was the perfect video for Father's day! The Sun has a Baby! How cute! ISON got her pregnant I guess. THORnews +1 yeeha!God Bless Everyone,Yeeeha! tweet at me on the twitter@NewThor

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