Heaven & Hell Near Death Experiences (NDE)

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Watching an 11 year old boy talk about what he saw and heard after being run over by his Daddy's farm tractor sparked my interest in Near Death Experiences. I remember watching him describe floating out of his body, and entering a white light filled with total love, and seeing and talking with Jesus.

He went on describing what he saw and heard while in the presence of Jesus.

But the thing that convienced me and made me realize that there must be something real about NDE's is when the boy told his mom that Uncle Bob said hello. His mother looked stunned when she heard that! She said that Uncle Bob had died 10 years before the boy was born, and that she had never told him anything about his Uncle Bob!

Ever since hearing the boy tell about his NDE I've watched other people from around the world share simliar stories about what they experience at death.

Some scientists are trying to laugh this off by saying NDE's are just hallucinations from a brain under tremendous stress from injury and trama. But what these scientists are helpless to explain is how these NDE people can re-call and describe in vivid details what they saw and heard while laying dead in the hospital. They shock the doctors with exact details of what the monitoring machines displayed while connected to their body! Many people who have had NDE are able to accurately describe what family members were wearing and talking about even though they were not allowed in the room where the body was being given electrical shocks to try and restart the heart and breathing.

The thing that really captured my interest in NDE's was the similarity of events that people who had a Near Death Experience. People who never met each other from different parts of the world all sharing the same testimony of floating out of body and entering a tunnel and seeing a white light filled with total love, or others experiencing hell.

The Bible says that we will give an account of everything we've ever said, done of thought of. And some of the people who have had NDE's say that they were able to feel everything that they had ever done to other people, either good things or bad things. They felt the persons joy or pain depending on what they did to the other person.

One of the most remarkable NDE stories that I've ever seen was from a woman who was blind since birth. She had never seen anything, nothing at all. She had no idea what colors were, she had no idea what she looked like. She had no idea what anything looked like.

However when she was in a terrible auto accident and experienced Near Death she felt herself floating out of her body, and she looked down and for the first time saw what she looked like as the doctors frantically tried to save her life. At first she didn't know what it was laying there on the street next to a damaged car, because she had never seen another human being before. Watching her NDE testimony along with many, many others has strengthened my faith in God, and I know that YES there is life after death, either in heaven or in hell. I've watched testimonies from people who have experienced the glorious beauty and peace and love of heaven, and I've watched testimonies of people who have experienced the horror, and pain of hell. Here are 2 NDE testimonies from 2 different people from opposite sides of the world. One is from a lady who experienced what heaven is like, and the other testimony is from a man who experienced what hell is like. (the tags are to help bring as many people to the Lord as possible)

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