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Crab Like Creature Hiding Behind Rock in Mars Photo

  • UFOlogic
  • uploaded: Jun 18, 2014
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I was browsing Mars Curiosity Photos when I cam across a photo with a creature that appears to be hiding behind a rock. This creature clearly has two eyes sticking up. Maybe he is hiding from the rover. The creature looks to be crab like. You can find the original photo here Please share, like and subscribe thanks. Happy UFO hunting! Be sure to check out the UFO sightings blog like the facebook fan page at Clouds Story by UFO CloudsBe sure to follow UFO Clouds on Twitter at Look Up UFO's Could be flying above you!

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  • Chaindrive#

    Chaindrive June 18, 2014 8:52:52 PM CEST

    And tell me, just to what kind of drugs is THIS human on in seeing.. well, whatever the hell IT suppose to be.. people want to see whatever they are lead to believe theyre suppose to seeing.. well, in fact I see a sheep.. and its a picture of you looking back at yourself.. *scoff*



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