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Crop Circles 2014 - Besford, Near Pershore, Worcestershire


We filmed this Crop Circle on the 15th of June 2014 in Besford, near Pershore in was a dull overcast day with a breeze but flying conditions were ok. The grey clouds and low light made the video and images a little washed out but I guess you can't have sunny blue skies everyday!The area had a definite air of calm about it, particularly inside the crop for more. We love it when you subscribe! Support us, like our Facebook page and checkout our Flickr photo :-Dustsucker by MachinimaSoundDownload:- under Creative Commons: By Attribution

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  • Heckubis#

    Heckubis June 23, 2014 12:34:19 AM CEST

    yoy knoq its fake when you can see the foot trails of the creators very lame. depth paturn around the star shows it best as to the order it was crafted in. people that do this should be hauld you to the back ranges and fed bullets

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