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The False Paradigm

Some might say that it is problematic (even dangerous) to reveal the things contained in this video to bible believing Christians. One thing that is important to keep in mind is that we live in an age like no other. It is an age of horrific deception. There are concepts and ideas being plastered in front of us through television, movies, music, commercials, the internet, etc., that are meant to indoctrinate our minds, and more importantly the minds of our children. And largely these things go completely unnoticed. No other generation of Christendom has seen a time quite like this. The more informed and aware the church is about these concepts, the better equiped we are to inform others, and even combat these things through spiritual warfare. BE WISE AS SERPENTS, harmless as doves! If you are uncomfortable with the exposing of occult concepts, do not watch this video. -Freefall

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